Mad Millie Fresh Cheese Kit (Get Dried Culture from Fridge)



Becoming an artisan cheesemaker is easier than you think. The Mad Millie Fresh Cheese Kit contains everything you need to create eight different types of fresh cheese. Just add milk!

Whether you are a fan of squeaky halloumi for brunch, the tang of chevre frais on a cheese platter or marinated feta for all occasions, this kit has you covered. This kit makes Feta, Halloumi, Cottage Cheese, Light Cream Cheese, Cream Cheese, Chevre Frais, Goat’s Feta or Quark.

Designed to be made in any kitchen, no specialised equipment or experience required. Includes specialised BPA Free Cheese Moulds.

No Artificial Flavours or Preservatives – Gluten-Free – Vegetarian

- 12 Ingredients & supplies to make your own Fresh Cheese

- 60 minutes hands-on time on average, per recipe

- Kit makes 10 batches (7 kg/15 lb) of Fresh Cheese before refills are required.

Ingredients: 1x450g salt (sodium chloride, anticaking agent (E535)), 1x50ml calcium chloride (water, calcium chloride (30%)), 1x 10 vegetarian rennet tablet (milk clotting enzyme, excipients); 1x 5 mesophilic culture (freeze dried lactic bacteria. Contains milk/dairy).



Shelf Stable Mesophilic Culture
Cheese Cloth
Cheese Salt
Square Feta Moulds (2)
Vegetarian Rennet Tablets
Cheese Mat
Calcium Chloride
Culture Measuring Spoons
How-to Guide


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